How to start a psychotherapy session via Skype

How to set up a Skype account and start a Psychotherapy session.

Skype is the most popular free online video/chat application that can be used conveniently for online therapy sessions. In order to be able to use it, you will need either a Microsoft account, a Skype account or even a Facebook account. You could follow the the steps bellow to create a new Skype account in just a few minutes and use it for your online therapy sessions.

1. Go to to open the Skype homepage. Click on the “Get Skype” button in the top-right corner of the page. This will take you to the “Download Skype” (Use one Skype account across all your devices…) page.

2. Click on the "Join us" link on the top right corner of this page. This will take you to the "Create an account or sign in" page.

3. Here choose the preferable way of loggin in. You have the option of three different ways when it comes to Skype accounts. You can use your existing Microsoft account, Facebook account, or you can create a New account for Skype.
If you prefer to use a Facebook or a Microsoft account, all you need to use is your login details for that account to start using Skype immediately. In case you need to create an account just for Skype, follow the next steps.

4. Enter the required information such as your first and last name, email address (which remains private), your country, and your language. The optional information here includes your birthday, gender, city, and mobile phone number.
If you're planning to use Skype as an international traveler, you can choose the country where you will be using Skype most frequently.

5. On this page indicate how you plan to use Skype. Your selections can be business or personal use. This is also an optional question and helps Skype determine how people use the Skype services. Here you can select personal use.

6. You need to come up with a Skype Name. This is the name that is displayed to other users, and also can be used for people to find you. This is your public name. In order to change your this Skype Name latter you would need to create a new account since you cannot change it using the current account.

7. Always with online service you need to create a strong password. This applies to your Skype account too. Since with Skype people could find your friends’ and family’s contact information, it is important to create a strong password but memorable. Skype will not allow you to set a weak password.

8. Choose how you would like Skype to inform you for offers, new features etc. The boxes for that are checked by default, but you can uncheck them before continuing if you don’t like to receive sales emails from Skype.

9. Enter the correct CAPTCHA at the bottom. This is how Skype avoids creation of accounts by automated programs. You can use the refresh button in the CAPTCHA form in case you can’t read the CAPTCHA, to get a new one, or click the Listen button to hear it read out-loud.

10. You should read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and make sure that you agree with how Skype will use and not use your personal information. If you are completely satisfied, click the green “I agree – Continue” button at the bottom of the page to create your new account on Skype.

11. On the next screen you can download and use Skype. You can choose to download Skype for Windows or click on "Get Skype on other devices" to choose your Skype version depending on the device that you will use it for from the "Use one Skype account across all your devices…" page.

12. Once your account is successfully created, you can download and begin using Skype right away. A page might pop up asking if you would like to buy Skype credits. You don't need to buy any Skype credits since they are used to place phone calls to mobile phones or landlines; all the Video calls and calls to other Skype users are always free. This is what we are going to use for our online sessions.

13. After you download your Skype application start the setup of Skype application and follow the on screen instructions. After you have successfully set up the Skype application you can launch it at any time by clicking the application shortcut on your windows.

14. In order to get connected with me on Skype you just need to add me on your contact list after you launch the Skype application. You can do that by doing a search for "Psycho-Therapist" on Skype application right above the Skype contacts. On the search results window click on "Psychologist Psychotherapist in Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece" and send me an invitation and at the same time add me on your contacts list.

15. After I accept your invite we can start right away either Video Calls and or Skype Chat. The whole process is pretty easy! By double clicking "Psycho-Therapist" on your contact list you will be presented with the options of "Video call" (if I am online) "Call Phone" (if you want to use your Skype credits to call my land line or mobile) and at the bottom write on the Chat text box (Type a message here) to initiate Skype chat with me.

16. There also two ways to check if I am online for a Skype call. a) You can use your skype application and choose from your contacts "MyWebTherapist" to view my online status. When I am "Online" you can click on the contact to initiate Video call or a Skype Chat with me. b) You can go into my website home page ( or any page and check on the Skype widget at the bottom right of the big slideshow or the header. If I am connected on Skype and Online you will see the widget indicating "I'm online". Click on the button there and if there is a pop up from your browser, asking you to start the Skype application click "Launch Application" to start Skype and at the initial screen choose either "Video call" or start writing your message at the chat text box bellow to initiate Skype Chat with me.

In order to be able to communicate using Skype we need to add each other in Skype contact list. This process needs to be completed at least 12 hours prior to our Skype session, otherwise the appointment will be canceled.

In order to be able to do Skype Video calls you will also need the following requirements:

1. Your Skype account as mentioned above (steps 1 trough 9)

2. The Skype software as mentioned above (steps 10 & 11)

3. A functioning web camera on your PC, Mac or tablet.

4. A microphone on your PC, Mac or Tablet.

5. It is also advisable to have a good internet connection since video steaming needs a good one. You can use the following link to test the speed of your internet connection - The Global Broadband Speed Test. Any speed above 2Mbps is good speed connections for video conferencing!

In case you find the above steps really confusing please contact me by email at, by phone at +30 2310 771292 & +30 6977 931287 or by chat widget at the bottom right of every page of and my technician will make this a breeze!

Thank you in advance

Jeannie Kyrezis
Life Coach & Clinical Psychologist

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