What is online psychotherapy?

Online therapy or online psychotherapy

What is online therapy?

   Therapy online is therapy or counselling and refers to psychological services offered via video calls, email, chat, phone and online voice calls. Clients speak to a psychologist to get help with their problems, questions and concerns, from the comfort of their own home, office or any place that the could have connection to internet or access to a phone line. Thus, therapy online allows individuals to seek the help they might need in a confidential, convenient, and anonymous manner. This type of psychotherapy has lots of benefits and advantages over traditional methods of therapy.

What are the benefits of online therapy?

   This form of therapy can be just as beneficial to the client as the classic face-to-face approach. This kind of therapy is beneficial for individuals who:

• Are embarrassed about going to therapy.

• Do not have the time.

• Live far away.

• Are anxious or too stressed.

• Can not get to a therapist due to lack of capability.

• Are depressed.

• Are not motivated.

• Have small children and no where to leave them.

• Need life coaching and are traveling a lot.

• Need therapy but cannot afford it

   Using internet technology clients can have one on one psychotherapy sessions with their therapist and solve many mental health problems. They can receive life coaching and psychotherapy support during a small break at work or during their lunch hour! People that cannot move from home could benefit of the use of online psychotherapy. People that are extremely busy can eliminate the time traveling to and from their psychotherapist's office. The benefits are many adding to that the affordability of online therapy sessions! Since with psychotherapy online we could eliminate travelling the cost per session can be less without any lack of quality concerning the actual service. 

How does Online Therapy work?

   The process of online psychotherapy is a simple one: You can schedule an appointment through a calendar at the BOOK NOW web application on this website. Regardless of the communication method we use (video call, chat, phone etc) I contact you at your scheduled appointment time where we discuss your concerns and/or problems for approximately 50 minutes.

The amount of individual Online Therapy sessions you may have is dependent on a number of factors:

1. The nature of your problem/concern.
2. How committed you are to change.
3. How much work you do with my guidance.
4. if you believe you are reaching your goals or not. Some of my clients require only a single session to discuss a specific problem or concern. Other clients regularly scheduled appointments each week. And of course there are others who schedule appointments as needed depending on their concerns, questions and progress.

If you are interested in having an individual online psychotherapy or couples online therapy, you can book now your appointment from the "BOOK NOW" button or even contact me through email. You can also just try it for FREE by clicking on the BOOK NOW button and select FREE Online session from the services list.

IMPORTANT: If you are in a crisis or feel that you are at risk to your self or others, you need to immediately contact emergency services or authorities. You should keep in mind that psychotherapy online is not suited to address all concerns and is considered milder treatment option. Psychotherapy online as a form of therapy should not be used as a form of crisis intervention.