Free Trial Online Session

The free trial online session lasts 50 minutes and it's used either to get answers to your assesment questions or to get to know each other. Of course, there is absolutely no obligation on your part.


During the Free session we will:

  • Go through your Assesment answers.
  • Evaluate your current situation.
  • Discuss how I can help you to achieve your goals.
  • Answer any questions you may have.
  • See how we can work a schedule for your needs.
  • Start Life Coaching!


Use the Europe / Athens time zone calendar below to select the available time convenient for your Free Trial Online Session:


After booking your Online Session


  • In the next few minutes you will receive a confirmation email from the booking system.
  • In case you do not see an email from the booking system, please check your spam folder.
  • Please make sure your computer, tablet or smartphone is capable and ready for Video conference using Skype, Viber, Zoom, Messenger or What's Up.
  • You can add MyWebTherapist to your Skype contacts so that I have your contact details.


Guardian's Permission

Guardian's Permission

NOTE: Anyone in sessions with a mental health professional should be an adult, ie 18 years of age or older. In case a child or teenager would like or need to start online sessions with me, his/her parent or guardian should be able to provide a written statement stating that he/she is aware of that and allows his/her minor son or daughter to be in online sessions.