Computer requirements for Skype session

What is Skype?Web therapy online via Skype

Let's see first what is Skype. Skype is a very easy to use computer technology that facilitates a face to face, real time conversation between two or more persons. But it's not only that it can be used for chat, messaging and or sharing digital data like pictures and any type of digital files. It can also be used in any type of device including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

How do I get Skype?

Skype can be quickly downloaded to your computer device from the web site It's available for all known operating systems. The computer requirements for Skype are minimal; any computer and/or device capable of using the Internet can use Skype. But the basic system requirements include a webcam and a microphone. These are available at any computer or accessories store like Radio Shack, eBay, Office Max, Office Depot, Best Buy, etc for under $10 and are very easy to install on any plug and play computer device! If you own a newer computer and or device you don't have to buy these since your device comes equipped with a built in camera, and microphone. In case you need more information or support for Skype you could visit the Skype Support website.

Are there any additional charges for using Skype?

Skype can be used for free on a Skype to Skype visual/video conversation. It's just like email as long as it is a Skype to Skype conversation. The same applies for Skype Chat and transfering of anytype of digital files.

How do I use Skype?

Information and general directions for using Skype can be found at However, there are a few pointers that you will not find there conserning a session for web therapy. Before using Skype for a counseling session you can practice with a friend or relative who also has Skype. During this test call you can get the microphone and camera set for best experience. If you buy a webcam, after its installtion it may have its own program and icon or shortcut on your computer screen. Microsoft LifeCam does that. Since Skype needs exclusive access to your webcam when it runs you cannot run any other program that uses your webcam simultaneously with Skype.

Requirements online therapy via Skype

  • A computer device (PC, Mac, Tablet, SmartPhone) with:
  • Healthy broadband internet connection. You can use the following links to test the speed of your internet connection: - The Global Broadband Speed Test

  • Video camera
  • Microphone
  • Skype software and a Skype account (free to download and set up from here.)
  • A quiet space where you will be undisturbed. (It is your responsibility to ensure that the room is comfortable and you will not be disturbed during our session.)

Session preparation

It may save time if you test Skype video conference with a friend, before connecting with us for the first time.

How to start a skype online therapy session

As soon as you know you will be having a Skype session, add MyWebTherapist to your Skype contacts so that I have your contact details.

I will call you using your Skype ID at the designated time. We will then have a web therapy face to face consultation.


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Guardian's Permission

Guardian's Permission

NOTE: Anyone in sessions with a mental health professional should be an adult, ie 18 years of age or older. In case a child or teenager would like or need to start online sessions with me, his/her parent or guardian should be able to provide a written statement stating that he/she is aware of that and allows his/her minor son or daughter to be in online sessions.