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Testimonial QuoteJeannie is an excellent psychologist but she is also by best friend.
I contacted her about a year ago when I had issues with my family in general. My husband and I had communication and trust problems and this was affecting also my two kids.
From our first session we clicked together ! ! !
She was extemelly friendly and understanding. She pointed out to me, from our first sessions, ways of changing my behavior towards my husband and my kids. Within a couple of months things have changed rapidly ! !
Our lives got back to normal and everybody started feeling overwelmed. Now I have a great relationship with my husband and this shows to the behavior of the kids too. Jeannie has been great help and guidance.
Thank you Jeannie
Testimonial Quote
Date of Posting: 19 September 2015
Posted By: Mary
Testimonial QuoteWow an amazing experience. She is fun, listens and motivates you to work on yourself. Also the session being in english and greek language is a true escape from the daily live and helps you not only improve your language skills but also gives you the very best the USA and Greece mentalitis could offer. I really enjoyed it and I will keep in touch with her for sure! (I know Jeannie for nearly a decade!)Testimonial Quote
Date of Posting: 08 June 2015
Posted By: Philipp
Testimonial QuoteShe's very friendly and caring - I enjoyed working with her and have learned how to be happy and to challenge myself - not be afraid to liveTestimonial Quote
Date of Posting: 07 June 2015
Posted By: Mary
Testimonial QuoteJeannie is a competent therapist with a knack for seeing important factors that the client may not realize or did not even consider. It is very easy to open up to her. I recommend giving her services a try. You will leave your first session with new insight, just when you thought you knew yourself pretty darn well!Testimonial Quote
Date of Posting: 11 February 2015
Posted By: Kitty Doherty
Testimonial QuoteAfter the first session with Jeannie I knew that my family problems will be solved. I was right..... Thank you Jeannie you have been a great support!Testimonial Quote
Date of Posting: 18 November 2014
Posted By: Alex
Testimonial QuoteWe were waiting to hear from you the right answers. We did not know that the only thing we needed was someone to make us just the right questions. You have helped us a lot. You know for sure to understand people's needs.Testimonial Quote
Date of Posting: 11 November 2014
Posted By: Anna & Nick
29 & 37
Testimonial QuoteIt was the first time someone helped me with men. Now I feel really very confident!Testimonial Quote
Date of Posting: 15 January 2014
Posted By: Mary
Testimonial QuoteI personally believed that psychotherapy was for idlers. It was after the incredible changes I saw in the life of my sister so I said that I'd like to start my own sessions. Jeannie won me since she always spoke simple, understandable and aptly!
I strongly recommend the services of My Web Therapy by Jeannie Kyrezis.
Testimonial Quote
Date of Posting: 11 October 2013
Posted By: John
Testimonial QuoteIt was the first time someone helped me evaluate my relationships with men and benefit from that. Now I am more confident but I am having my eyes wide open! Thank you Jeannie...Testimonial Quote
Date of Posting: 24 May 2013
Posted By: Angela

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Guardian's Permission

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