What is Web Therapy?

Web Therapy - Online Therapy

What life has become for everyone?

Life instead of becoming easier it has become harder, full of hassles, frustrations, demands, pressures and deadlines. In today's world we see our focus and our thoughts being directed towards our unhappiness. Life, in the way we live it, has filled us with different psychological issues and problems. 


We strive to be perfect, when perfection is unattainable and unrealistic. So in this new world several concerns have changed and therefore has bought us to feeling - depressed, having various eating disorders, anxiety, sleeping issues and other mental issues. So in with all of our striving to be perfect or buying into the concept of being perfect, which is unrealistic, this by itself makes us feel depressed and many times it gets us to a point that we are unable to govern our own lives.

On the other hand, the normal ups and downs of life make everyone have "the blues" or in general feel sad from time to time. If despair and emptiness has taken hold of your life and cannot go away, no matter what you have tried, you may have depression.


Many of us have, at some point of our lives, experienced difficulties in falling asleep despite the opportunity for adequate sleep. Again, since our lives have become more complex, if this problem exists and is persistent, then you may develop a disorder and the lack of sleep is known as insomnia.

Everyone has fallen into a need to wish to look different or improving themselves and/or fixing something about themselves. Sometimes your eating habits are taken over by your preoccupation with being thin, your thoughts are surrounded on being thin and your life is fixated on being thin, it may be a sign of an eating disorder possibly anorexia.


Anyone can get anxious or even very nervous from time to time. This usually happens when going through a financial difficulty or even when just speaking in public. For some, however, anxiety becomes so forceful and so frequent, that it begins to take over their lives. In this case you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Web therapy

When you face depression, insomnia, anorexia, anxiety and or other psychological disorders or even other issues, you need professional help. Wed Therapy using Online Therapy techniques through web technology, helps professionals to help you in understanding you and your mental functions and behaviors through online sessions. This is achieved by establishing general principles and researching your specific case. The Web Therapy uses Onine Therapy sessions can be contacted with an individual and or a group. It just takes an experienced professional with the help of web technology to assist you in overcoming any psychological issues you might have.

How I can help

Let me be your guide to overcome your psychological issues you might have using my services that I provide using online web therapy.

Let me help you discover the real you and the unlimited potentials you might have. Let me be your guide to wellness and happiness throught life coaching!

Guardian's Permission

Guardian's Permission

NOTE: Anyone in sessions with a mental health professional should be an adult, ie 18 years of age or older. In case a child or teenager would like or need to start online sessions with me, his/her parent or guardian should be able to provide a written statement stating that he/she is aware of that and allows his/her minor son or daughter to be in online sessions.