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Jeannie Kyrezis Life Coach & Licensed Clinical Psychologist - Psychotherapist.

Jeannie Kyrezis licensed clinical psychologist psychotherapist for online therapy sessionsMy education in psychology & psychotherapy

My name is Jeannie Kyrezis and I obtained a B.A. in Social and Counseling Psychology a unique program applying theory to practice. At the time I was working in various drug rehabilitation settings with families, children and addicted individuals. I got the chance to work with addicts and their babies born addicted and their assessment as to their development. I worked at a crisis counseling hotline and crisis counseling center. Cases included depression, anxiety, rape victims, assault victims and battered women as well as robbery victims.

Since I was young I had a gift of feeling empathy and wanting to help and assist people. As a college student I had an inadapt ability in understanding psychology and understanding people and their behavior. I felt and feel good and fulfilled by listening to people's problems and by assisting them to finding happiness and solutions.

My M.A. from Long Island University of New York was in Clinical Psychology where I was focused more on individual therapy as well as group therapy, in community centers and senior citizen centers with children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens. I worked with troubled youth and ran peer groups as well as interactive groups, group building and self esteem groups.

My Psychotherapy Practice

I am a Greek American (bi-lingual) who upon graduating moved to Greece and set up my private practice as well as taught in private colleges. I taught, trained, and supervised psychology students in and out of academic settings. I ran the department of psychology underseeing the staff and all students’ needs for two years, while teaching. I worked as a advisor and psychologist in preschools where I assessed, advised, counseled and treated behavior in children. I ran special self-esteem programs and advised staff on various issues. I worked in the international school as a school psychologist. There I tested, psychologically assessed, advised and treated students with personal, behavioral, learning disabilities, learning strategies and self esteem issues.

I believe that with academic and professional experience acquired both in Greece and in the United States, I bring a broader perspective and expertise to therapy in multi-cultural settings. My background enables me to serve a diverse clientele effectively and to focus on positive results with every client. My own multicultural upbringing has enabled me to understand and to relate to clients empathically.

How I apply psychotherapy

I am licensed as a clinical psychologist who provides assessment, diagnosis, and therapy for children, adults, seniors, families and couples. My services include short and long-term psychotherapy. I conduct, marriage counselling, and testing. I also help children and adolescents. I administer full psychological and educational evaluations to students with learning issues. I have therapeutic successes in a number of situations, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, children and adolescent issues, as well as in self-esteem issues. I have a great interest in helping clients through relationship challenges and life transitions. I conduct sessions in English, and Greek. I also hold seminars to share my knowledge about psychology. I teach parenting school, and run groups in my private practice.

I strive to understand each individual's issues and needs. I try to uncover patterns of reasoning thus obtain a comprehensive understanding of the person and their functioning. Through caring, compassion and a non-judgmental stance, I empower, leading to an enhancement of self-esteem. I come to see how people can better understand themselves and their relationships, and am able to help you make improved choices, to live meaningful lives. I work with my clients to discover and use their strengths, and talents. I believe that this approach gives my clients the chance to finally establish and pursue what they really want in their life.

My online psychotherapy services for

• Children
• Adolescents
• Adults
• Individual sessions
• Group sessions
• Family sessions
• Couples sessions
• Educational seminars / Parenting school/ Personal development Workshops

My psychological approach

Happiness comes when you get to know your self. I see therapy as a partnership which is based on trust and a search to uncover events from the past that have shaped your life in order to understand your present. As we make a connection from the past and present, you will gain insight and help you manage your life in the present in new and different ways. My goal is for you to feel supported, understood, respected and encouraged in order to make changes in your life. Together, we will take a journey that will allow you to move forward.
I seek to help you in creating a balance in your life by creating a safe, caring space to explore your feelings and overcome your issues. I have been providing psychotherapeutic services to individuals, couples and families for over 20 years. I have experience dealing with various issues including depression, anxiety, low self esteem, sexual abuse, addictions, crisis counselling, life management, gender and relationship issues.

Why My Web Therapy

Have you ever wondered if you are making the right choices in life? Are you having difficulties with relationships, or your career? In my 20+ years as a psychologist I have found that making the right choice is not the issue, but rather understanding how and why we make choices. Becoming aware of how we think and why we act is what leads to a more satisfying and happy life. Knowing oneself and exploring our unconscious can open potentials for emotional growth, creativity, and self-empowerment.
You do not need to feel isolated, sad, stuck, or alone. Together we can explore who you are and how you make decisions. Each person is unique; therefore, our therapeutic work will focus on YOUR needs. Treatment plans are individually tailored to you and your needs. I believe with proper treatment and care all people can overcome their issues and lead a happy fulfilling life. Avaliability to be involved in workshops and groups are provided, which consists of interactive participation, and the growth of self.

After succeeding in guiding you to overcome any psychological issues we will work on your life coaching. This will simply help you turn your dreams into reality. Together we will discover what's most important in your life since what you value most depends on the real you! We will design a plan tailored to you and your needs to succesfully achieve your goals. Together we will clear up the path to completness and help you overcome any obstacles that stand in the way.

After we can start the process of becoming aware of your state of mind, so you we can make your life fulfilled. It is definitely not a straight forward and easy process. I can guide you to the right path and we will work together to achieve growth and wellness. You will try to reach mental and emotional growth in order to achieve optimal wellness so you could get the strngth to overcome stress, reduce the risk of illness and ensure happiness towards positive living. You will be able to manage life's ups and downs and achieve growth and balance as a dynamic part of being well. I will be there to becoming a better healthier and happier you!



  • to help you overcome your psychological issues and grow.
  • to be there for you when you need me.
  • to let me use my 20+ years of experience on therapy and counseling to assist you.
  • because happiness and fulfillment is a phone call away.
  • because I have experience in working with people with different cultural backgrounds.
  • because I have experience depression, anxiety, low self esteem, sexual abuse, addictions, crisis counselling, life management, gender and relationship issues.
  • because you need to feel supported, understood, respected and encouraged in order to make changes in your life.
  • because I can become your life coach and guide you to wellness and happiness.
  • because together we can take the right path to wellness of your mind.


Guardian's Permission

Guardian's Permission

NOTE: Anyone in sessions with a mental health professional should be an adult, ie 18 years of age or older. In case a child or teenager would like or need to start online sessions with me, his/her parent or guardian should be able to provide a written statement stating that he/she is aware of that and allows his/her minor son or daughter to be in online sessions.